Star Wars Aftermath Empire's End

Star Wars Aftermath Empire's End by Chuck Wendig was released last week.

This series had a rough beginning with Aftermath, however, Aftermath Life Debt was better than its predecessor.  One improvement of the second novel was more involvement from legacy characters like Han, Leia, and Wedge.

The last book of the Aftermath trilogy is the best of the three.  For the first time in the trilogy, the main story is more interesting that the interludes.  Although the interludes do give us insights into Jar Jar Binks, Lando Calrissian, space pirates, the man who wears Boba Fett's armour, and others.

The central characters of the series Norra Wexley Snap Wexley, Bones, Jas Emari, and Sinjir Rath Velus have become more fleshed out and once again, they take precedence in this novel.  The legacy characters were involved in the story, but they were mostly away from the action, and this novel made it work much better than the first novel in trilogy.

Two highlights of the series have been the Imperials Rae Slaone and Gallius Rax.  They have been interesting adversaries for the New Republic and one another.  Slaone has become one of my favorite characters, in the new canon.  I hope see appears in Star Wars Rebels, before the end of the series.  Many have speculated that Gallius Rax might be Snoke, but the speculation should come to an end, with the release of Empire's End.

The novel was a satisfying conclusion to the series, and set up some of the seeds that will one day grow into the First Order.

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