Character Featured in Rogue One Coming to Rebels?

Possible spoilers for Star Wars Rebels below. Please be advised.

In a tweet on December 17, 2016, Rebels Reactions posted a photo of a Star Wars Rebels poster, from Toys R Us, that contains a spoiler, for the second half of season three. The tweet and poster are embedded below.

The poster appears to show Saw Gerrera, as well as two lines of his dialog from Rogue One. This dialog was also featured in the final theatrical trailer, "Save The Rebellion. Save The Dream."

The second half of season three of Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to begin next month.  At this point, it seems Gerrera will play a role in the upcoming episodes, and since he so prominently featured in the poster, it may be a large role.  Perhaps, we will see the extremist actions that lead the Rebel Alliance to part ways with him, that were hinted at in Rogue One.

Gerrera first appeared in four episodes of season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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