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The Star Wars Rebels panel today included the Rebels, Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan Jarrus), Steve Blum (Zeb Orrelios), Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), and Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), and Co-creators and writers and Simon Kinberg & Dave Filoni (Executive Producers).

Kinberg and Filoni talked about creating the series, and the cast talked about their first impressions of being at Star Wars Celebration.

James Arnold Taylor asked their level of fandom before and after being a part of Star Wars Rebels.  Gray 3 to 303, Sircar 4.25 to 10, Blum 5 to 10, Marshall 10 to intergalactic, and Prinze Jr. 10 and still a 10.  Prinze said that his mom told him long ago that "People are going to make fun of you no matter what so pick what you love and go with that."  Kinberg said that his first memory in life is A New Hope and that he camped out for Empire.  He says 10 to 10.  Filoni says that their were all honest.

Filoni says that they cast the show in about a week, which is amazing considering the chemistry the actors have.

Gray says Ezra has learned how to be a Jedi and what a family is.  Sircar says that Sabine has learned how to be more trusting.

Filoni is asked to talk about the future, and he says it's better to look at stuff.  Trailer is shown.  The live stream did not feature any dialog from the characters, and once it begins, they cut to Aisle 200.  They did cut back to the trailer, but thank the maker, they showed the trailer a second time.

Check out my reaction to the new Rebels Season 2 Trailer and the panel in episode 54 of The Random City Podcast at and in iTunes.

Spoiler Alert:
They show a lot of action scenes from season two including some new characters, and some returning characters from The Clone Wars era.  Their was a lot of shot of Ahsoka.  Hondo is in the trailer.  Their appear to a group of several clone troopers living on a snowy planet, reminiscent of Hoth.  Their appear to be a couple of new enemies for the rebels, and Darth Vader appears to dominate Kanan and Ezra in a battle.  It gets pretty dark.

Ashley Eckstein and Dee Bradley Baker join the panel after the James mentions some familiar faces from the Clone Wars appearing.  Ashley was the first to confirm that Captain Rex is back.  Filoni mentions that his friend Kevin is always responsible for these trailers.

First two questions are a lady wanting a book autographed, and a jewelry designer giving a Chopper to Dave.  A fan asks about being a voice actor, and Dee Bradley Baker has a website called

A young boy asks how did the Captain Rex survive?  Dave in classic fashion says he doesn't have enough time to explain the story, but he says that George and he discussed Rex and Ahsoka.  They mapped out how Ahsoka and Rex survived through Revenge of the Sith.  Filoni mentions the Fives story arc and how Fives tells Captain Rex about the implant.  Filoni says that in fairy tales, truth can break any spell, if your heart is true.  If Rex didn't follow order, he would become a traitor.  Filoni gives a tease that Kanan would not love Rex.

A fan asks if Kanan is a Jedi Knight, once he talked with Yoda.  Prinze says that he doesn't think that he's their yet, may two of the five trails.

A cute little girl asks, "Who does Chopper voice?"  Filoni whispers the truth in her ear.

Fan asks about the Ahsoka/Vader poster.  Filoni says that he and George discussed this topic.  What would it be like? What does she know? He says that it is part of the story that they have to tell us.

Will Cad Bane return?  He says that we're excited to have Captain Rex, Ahsoka and Hondo back.  He says that they have to be very careful to bring characters into the series.

A young fan asks why Darth Vader is alive, and Kinberg and James Arnold Taylor explain that this series takes before A New Hope.
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