Sling TV has Disney XD and Star Wars Rebels

Have you heard about Sling TV at  The service, from parent company Dish Network, offers several popular cable stations ESPN, TNT, TBS, Disney, CNN, and more with live streaming and some on demand material.  If you add the Kids Extra for $5/month, the service includes Disney XD and early access to Star Wars Rebels episodes.

I signed-up on January 16, 2015 to try to get an invitation to join the service, before they opened to the public.  I got an invitation on Friday, February 6, 2015, and I started my seven day free trial.

Previously, I purchased season one of Star Wars Rebels via iTunes to be able to watch the series.  With my season pass "Call to Action" will not show up in my iTunes feed until tomorrow; however, I was able to watch the episode featuring Tarkin, over the weekend with my Sling TV app.

I have included two screen shots from my iPhone.  It was nice to be able to watch this episode early, like so many other people have been doing all season long.

As of today, it seems that Sling TV is now open to the public to enjoy.  For more info check out

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  1. I have Sling TV and recently discovered that the first season is on demand, but having a Sling TV account doesn't get you early access to the episodes, does it? What I mean by that is, before I had to cut my cable, I was able to go to WATCH Disney XD and watch the episodes one week early. Now, without my cable, I can't do that. When you said that you watched the Tarkin episode early, did the Sling TV program give you access to WATCH Disney XD or was the episode available early in Sling TV before it premiered on television? Thanks in advance!

    1. Fangirljo,
      Whenever an episode was available one week early on the Watch Disney XD app, it was available on Sling TV, on demand. However, the finale for season one was not available, prior to the airing of the episode, but the same was true for the other platforms as well. I would assume that they would do the same thing, once season two gets started. Unless, Disney/Disney XD does something different for season two.