Random Rebels Theory #2 - Who Is Fulcrum?

Out of Darkness left us wondering, "Who is Fulcrum?"  I posted my first Random Rebels Theory on Friday, and I revealed that I think the character will be from the The Clone Wars era.  My first theory was for a male character that I think could be Fulcrum.

The prime suspect, with many fans, seems to be Ahsoka Tano, who left the Jedi Order at the end of season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  While, I would enjoy seeing her in Star Wars Rebels, I do not think that she will playing a key role in the Rebellion, at this early stage.

Today, as I revisit the possibilities of who is Fulcrum, I will present a female character who could be Fulcrum, and this time I think have a little evidence that might help prove my theory. My Random Rebels Theory #2 is that Fulcrum is Mon Mothma.

Mon Mothma was a Republic Senator alongside Padme Amidala and Bail Organa during The Clone Wars.  According to Star Wars.com, she was one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance, and she played a key role in Return of the Jedi.

The veteran voice actress who voiced Mon Mothma in Star Wars: The Clone Wars has already been voicing characters in Star Wars Rebels.  Kath Soucie's voice talents have already appeared in "Droids in Distress" as Maketh Tua, and she will be featured in the episode airing tomorrow night on Disney XD at 9/8c "Empire Day."

Soucie has been apart of some major animated series over the course of her career.  Her filmography includes Gargoyles, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Dexter's Laboratory, Rugrats, The Replacements, and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Let me know if you think, Fulcrum might be Mon Mothma.  Leave a comment below, tweet to @RebelsFortress, or comment on Facebook.
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  1. Probably the best guess I've heard besides the obvious elephant in the room. Even if you don't turn out to be right, good guess nonetheless!