Star Wars Rebels "Spark of Rebellion" Premiere

On October 3, 2014, Star Wars Rebels "Spark of Rebellion" aired on the Disney Channel, and was exclusively available on Wal-Mart.  The DVD will be available at other retailers on October 14, 2014.

I attempted to purchase the DVD twice on Friday, but both of the Wal-Marts in my town told me that they didn't know about this title or that they didn't have it.

After these two failed attempts, I went to the second Walmart in town this morning.  Derek, in the entertainment department, was nice enough to actually check in the back for Star Wars Rebels.  He found the display and saw that it was supposed to have been put out yesterday.

He rolled out the entire display and I got my copy of Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion complete with the Ghost model.

I took my DVD home and finally watched the premiere of Rebels.  I thought Spark of Rebellion was very good. I liked the humor, the action, the references to other Star Wars canon, and the likable characters. I'm looking forward to seeing the Inquisitor in action.
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