"Droids in Distress" is currently free on iTunes

The first episode of Star Wars Rebels series proper "Droids in Distress" is currently free on iTunes in the U.S.!

After watching "Spark of Rebellion" and "Droids in Distress," I am really enjoying this new series.  I loved the familiar faces in this episode, and the ending was fantastic.

I thought this after watching the premiere, but tonight after seeing the second installment of the series, I really have noticed that some of the elements of Star Wars Rebels remind me of Firefly.

Like Firefly, there's rag tag group that's like a family, that they have to do nefarious jobs to keep on flying, and that all the while running from an evil galactic government. Of course Whedon's Firefly had elements that were influenced by Star Wars, and now it seems LucasFilm is returning the favor.
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