Vanessa Marshall Talks with Newsarama About Hera

In the article "HERA Speaks - STAR WARS REBELS' Vanessa Marshall on Pilot, Plot, and Family Dynamic," Newsarama posted their interview with voice actress Vanessa Marshall, Hera on Star Wars Rebels.

The article features a lengthy interview with Marshall a small excerpt is listed below.
"I would say universally, that Hera is a maternal figure to the members of the Ghost. She mentors Sabine, she encourages Ezra, and manages Zeb’s temper at times (laughs). And I know she has the utmost respect for Kanan and believes in his Jedi capabilities. Ultimately, I think that she guides and inspires everyone to dig deep and discover the kind of ruthless selflessness that’s necessary to fuel and complete the mission.

I would say I’m most surprised by my interactions with Chopper ! It is so much fun! I’m reminded by C3PO and R2-D2 interacting, and how without words we always knew what R2 was saying. Whether it was just a “wheeeeoooo” as he went flying across the room or whatever. Similarly, Hera interacts with her astromech, being fluent in his language, and there’s that similar instant comprehension. It’s hilarious! I just love it. I love watching him interact with Zeb, too, they taunt each other and it’s just fun."  
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