Rebels Updates from Star Wars Insider 146
The latest edition of Titans Magazine's Star Wars Insider, Issue 146, features two updates on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels.

In the first of an ongoing series of updates from Athena Portillo, the line producer for Star Wars Rebels, gives us a few details about the series (pg 7 and 8).  Portillo reveals that they are still in the early stages of production for the first season, and that they have started animation for the first script.  She also reiterates that the series will take place closer to Episode IV than Episode III.

The featured article details Jonathan Wilkins interview with executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, Greg Weisman (pg 34 through 39).  Weisman reveals that the episodes of the Clone Wars that "pops the most for me" were those focused on Ahsoka.  He also says that when came on board Rebels, Filoni and Kinberg had already developed much of the show, but he was able to help them breakdown the season.  Another important piece of the puzzles for the new series, Weisman also shares that they have two strong female leads in Rebels.

To learn more picked up your copy of Issue 146 of the Star Wars Insider.

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